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Australians Who Leave House Only To Take Out Trash Have Started Dressing In Funniest Clothes



People now are following the rules of the quarantine and they are stuck in self-isolation, they probably only leave their houses just out of necessity and every little chance to go outside looks like a special occasion.

For Australians, their only chance to go outside is when they take out the trash and it has become their golden opportunity to shine and dress up the funniest clothes when they are handling their bins and sharing them on a Facebook group named Bin Isolation Outing with over 366k members. Check out the best costumes that make you laugh out loud in below!

#1 Glam bin outing night while homophobic neighbor enjoys his BBQ

#2 Romantic bin night

#3 That is… my mum


#4 Bin politics

#5 Spotted our Maude Boate putting out her bin. Someone didn’t recycle properly

#6 Cruella de Bin, who let the bins out!!

#7 Not her best life choice, but it was at least hilarious

#8 Here is a wild Englishman

#9 Binasaraus Logan City, QLD

#10 For their Golden Wedding Anniversary Day, their vow renewal was witnessed by the Best Bin and Bin of Honor

#11 Our little Lego taking the bin out!


#12 Bearded Maleficent taking out bins

#13 Even ironman have to take the bins out

#14 That bin is walking by itself!


#15 Fun way to scare your neighbor once a week

#16 Putting the bin out before having an old friend for dinner

#17 IT: Chapter 2020


#18 Supergirl off to bin her trash!

#19 Roy is all dressed up to take the bin out

#20 Someone bin busy this week since a lot of people weren’t heeding to quarantine rules. Time to take out the trash!


#21 She wasn’t on bin outing but has been greeting to those who have ‘travelith pastith her kingdom’ in Chillcotts Grass, NSW

#22 Jigsaw in full outfit. He actually looks cute


#23 Taking Trump out with the rubbish on a rainy day in Kellyville NSW

#24 Haven’t been riding for a while

#25 A Supergirl with a pair of Mario mushrooms’ tattoos

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