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People Stuck In Quarantine Are Cutting Their Own Hair And Got Hilarious Haircuts



During quarantine, many of us stopped doing things we’re used usually to enjoying life regularly like visiting the hairdressers or barbershop, for example. This has since given way for some people to toy with the concept of picking up kitchen scissors, and clippers and doing a DIY trim, from plain bad to interesting haircuts.

People started sharing pictures of their self-isolation/quarantine haircuts on the internet right now. Check out the coronavirus hairstyles in the gallery below – And share with us how hard you can cut your own hair. doesn’t mean you should.

#1 My Kiddo Cut His Hair Yesterday, Then Agreed To Let Me Have A Little Fun With It Before We Fixed It

reddit/ KThingy

#2 Self Isolation

twitter/ @DanielRundle

#3 It’s Called The “Corona”

instagram/ @bopoulsennyc

#4 Matt, 20

#5 Tommy, 22

#6 Josh

#7 Corona Haircut

instagram/ @wilson1the1ball

#8 Josh Went For The Full-On Bowl Cut

#9 Quarantine Haircut

twitter/ @leeroy_acko1

#10 Joined The Club

twitter/ @MattMacgregorrx

#11 My Husband’s Quarantine Haircut…the First Of Many To Come

reddit/ FuckMyShitUp

#12 Isolation Haircut

twitter/ @GStancev


#13 Harry, 23

#14 Lara Made A Valiant Attempt

#15 My Brother Gave Himself A Haircut Because Hairdressers Are Closed Due To Corona. He Watched A Yt Tutorial, It Didn’t Work Out

reddit/ justfuckmyshitup

#16 Ollie, 22

#17 With The Hairdressers Being Shut, We Thought We’d Better Do It….. He Was Way Too Tired And Kicked Off Halfway Through…. He’s Now Asleep With This Haircut

instagram/ @cheftomkerridge

#18 Isolation Haircut

twitter/ @martinstevens0n

#19 Day 8

twitter/ @Dubravkx

#20 I Need To Tweet This So I Can Put It In My Blog So Here Is What Happened When I Cut My Ear

twitter/ @mellentuck

#21 Real Good

twitter/ @tomwilliamsss


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