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Brazilian Woman Arrested After She Wheeled Dead Uncle into Bank To Co-sign a Loan For Her




The meaning of “over my dead body” took a new meaning recently when a woman tried to wheel the corpse of her alleged uncle into a bank to convince him to “sign off” a loan in her name, which got her busted.

When the bank employees noticed that Erika de Souza Vieira Nunes, the woman in question, was using her hand to hold the dead man’s head upright on Tuesday afternoon, April 16, in Bangu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, they called for an ambulance and the police.

Image credits: @interssingworld

The video is very disturbing and you can hear her saying to the corpse “Uncle, are you listening? You have to sign it. I can’t sign for you,” she tries to force him to sign with his limp hand.


“I don’t think this is legal. He doesn’t look well. The woman was told by an Itaú Unibanco bank employee that “he’s very pale,” and she replied, “He’s like that.”

Erika then insisted on speaking to his uncle, by saying, “If you’re not well, I can take you to the hospital. Do you want to go back to the hospital again?”

When Erika was arrested, the authorities confirmed that the victim, 68-year-old Paulo Roberto Braga, had passed away a few hours earlier with unknown cause, before being wheeled into the bank.

Image credits: @interssingworld

According to local reports, the loan was for 17,000 Brazilian Reais, about 3,100 dollars.


Erika, Paulo Roberto’s niece and carer, was taken into custody. And she may be charged with theft through fraud, embezzlement of money, as well as abuse of a corpse. Cops are trying to define how this man died and if she was collaborating with accomplices as part of an organized fraud scheme.

“The investigation is continuing to find out if he was alive when the loan was arranged,” Police Chief Fabio Luiz said.

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